Make Passive Income Online for your Local or Small Business

If you own a Local or Small Business…. PAY ATTENTION. I will teach you how to set up sell gift cards online to generate passive income!

This is a proof of concept with our first customer making well over 12 thousand dollars in one year. Would you say no to easy money?….

I didn’t think so that’s why you are still reading this.

Take a look at the infographic below to understand how you to can gift cards online and generate passive income for your small business.

gift card passive income

get started on passive income

This starts with YOU. You have to decide that YOU want to make more income for your local business. Our very first customer is making over 12k a year. Think about all the bills or new investments you can make into your business with this new revenue stream.

sign up to egift cards

We made it extremely USER FRIENDLY & SIMPLE to sign up anyone tech savvy or not can do it with ease. You can either join FREE or Premium and receive many beneficial assets that will increase your revenue stream!

Create giftcare online

This is the FUN part! Create your first Giftcard to be sold online! Take in mind this Giftcard will be able to sold anytime, anywhere even when your store is closed and you are sleeping!

increase sales

Now that you created your Giftcard(s) you have a Giftcard shop. Be sure to link this to your navigation, web banners, social medias to even your business cards. Your customers must know they now have the ability to buy gift cards from you online!

make money with passive income

Once everything is set in place and your customers  can visible see your gift card shop. Sit back, relax and watch the passive income flow in!

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